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Two Shirt Method for Breastfeeding

This is my go-to method for discreet breastfeeding. It’s called the two shirt method, because it involves two shirts. It allows you to keep most of your body covered. That being said, there is absolutely no reason you NEED to stay covered while breastfeeding. It can just be more comfortable.

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All you need are two shirts. I preferred to use a tight fitting camisole type tank top as my base layer with a looser shirt as my top layer. Really any 2 shirts will do.

How to Do It

Basically, you will pull your outer shirt up over your boob and your under shirt under your boob. This gives your baby access to your breast while still covering your stomach and most of your chest. If you’re wearing a large outer shirt, it can double as a nursing cover.

Alternatively, if you are wearing a button-up style shirt, you can unbutton the top layer and just pull down the tank top underneath to feed. This will also keep you pretty well covered.

Why I Love It

I personally don’t like lugging around any extra items and the two shirt method doesn’t require me to carry around anything extra. I didn’t feel like I wanted to use a nursing cover, since I was already pretty well covered. Neither of my children liked to be covered while feeding. They both would spend more time trying to remove the cover than actually eating.

I would also use this method when I was pumping. I didn’t often take breaks at work to pump, so I would pump at my desk and this method allowed for me to be somewhat covered. With a bigger outer shirt, I could cover up some of the pumping pieces (this was in no way discreet, but it got the job done).

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