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Easy kid-friendly recipe ideas. Many are simple enough that your kid can help out too (like this bread in a bag)! I try to minimize added sugar while still maximizing flavor and because I know parents are busy, all the recipes are easy to make.

Pomegranate Berry Jam

pomegranate jam in a jar with a spoon

Pomegranates are known for their bright red seeds and tart flavor. They are native to the Middle East and parts of Asia. We eat the seeds, also known as arils, which are considered a choking hazard for young babies. This pomegranate jam, a variation of my chia jam, is a great way to expose your child to the flavor of pomegranate while minimizing the risk of choking.

Pomegranates are often described as both sweet and tart. They can be eaten on their own or used in dishes such as salads, smoothies, and desserts. Due to their vibrant color, they are often used as garnishes.

Super Easy Air Fryer Cabbage

roasted cabbage with red pepper flakes on cutting board with butter knife

Cabbage is an easily accessible vegetable that is usually pretty fairly priced year-round. It also lasts quite a while once you’ve purchased it. This makes it a great option for many families. Its crunchy texture, however, can prove to be difficult for young babies.
It is a pretty versatile vegetable in that it can be eaten raw, pickled, fermented, steamed, stewed, roasted, sauteed, etc. Cabbage is closely related to broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, and brussels sprouts. Because of its long shelf life, sailors would use it on long trips to help prevent scurvy, a vitamin C deficiency.

Air Fryer Apples for Baby

baked apples sliced in a ring

Apples are one of the top choking hazards for kids, but they are also one of the easiest fruits to find year round. So how can we modify them to make them appropriate for babies? There are a few options, but one of my fall favorites is to bake them. This recipe is designed for babies, but the whole family will love to snack on them.

Chia Pudding for Constipation

chia pudding with kiwi and chia seeds in background

Whether you’re just introducing solids or you have a preschooler who may not eat enough foods with fiber, constipation is a common concern for kids. While many parents know that increasing fiber and fluids can help, it can be tricky if your child doesn’t want to eat these foods. This is why I love using chia pudding for constipation.
It’s very easy to customize which makes it perfect for picky eaters. You can add or omit foods depending on what your child may be willing to try. You can also add or remove sweeteners depending on the age of your child, making it perfect for younger kids too.

Simple Teriyaki Eggplant Stir Fry

eggplant and bell pepper stir fry with sesame seeds in a brown bowl

Eggplant, also known as aubergine, anara, or brinjal that is grown worldwide for its edible fruit. We generally think of the beautiful purple color, but it can also be white and egg shaped (hence the name). It can be used in many different styles of cooking due to its ability to absorb oils and flavors into its flesh through cooking.

Blueberry Yogurt Popsicles

blueberry yogurt popsicles frozen over ice with blueberries in the background

Blueberries are very versatile and can be used in a variety of recipes from jellies and jams to snack foods to desserts (or in blueberry yogurt popsicles like I’m showing here!). You can usually find them in the grocery store year-round, but they are in season from May to August.

Bell Pepper for Baby

stuffed bell pepper for baby with rice cheese and meat in a cast iron pan

Do I recommend bell pepper for baby? YES! Veggies in general can be a tricky texture for babies, so it’s best to start out by cooking them to make them a bit softer then gradually working up to raw vegetables.
Bell peppers have a mild taste which makes them more tolerable to many kids than some other veggies, but they still bring a lot of nutrition to the table. They come in a wide variety of colors (way beyond the green, yellow, red, and orange you may see at the store). This is great for variety and for food play options.

Air Fryer Artichoke Hearts

air fryer artichoke hearts

Artichokes make a fun food for kids, because not only are they a vegetable, but they’re an activity too! It can take some modeling and practice to figure out how to properly eat artichoke leaves, so artichoke hearts make a great substitute for a baby who is still learning. Artichokes are great by themselves, but can also be used in dips and spreads or as an addition to a pizza or pasta. These air fryer artichoke hearts are a great option for kids who aren’t ready to try the leaves by themselves.

Pineapple Banana Sorbet

pineapple sorbet with pineapple chunks in the foreground

Pineapples often bring to mind tropical vacations or heated pizza debates. They have an intense flavor that can enhance a wide variety of dishes from sweet to savory. Due to that intense flavor, adding pineapple to a smoothie can take it from dull to delish.
Pineapples are often used in sweet dishes like fruit salads as well as savory, like a slice on a burger. They can be blended into drinks like smoothies and pina coladas.

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