Services Provided

One on One Virtual Visits

Meet with me to come up with a plan that works for you. These appointments can be done over the phone or via a video call. Your choice! We can work together to help ease your stress and increase your confidence. You can book each appointment separately or bundle them to save money.


Purchase a course and get access to it for life! Whenever there is an update, you’ll get it. I walk you through everything so that you can go from being overwhelmed or confused to empowered and confident.


Prefer to have something to read (maybe during those late night feedings)? Consider the e-book option. Tons of information at your fingertips that you can refer back to as needed.

Bundle and Course Options

One on One Coaching Calls

Virtual face to face appointment. Focus on whatever problems you are facing: starting solids, food allergies, picky eating, stressful meals, etc. You can save money by bundling services with the Starting Solids Bundle and the Picky Eating Bundle.

Starting Solids Made Easy Course

Everything you need to know about introducing solids to your baby. This course is perfect for you if you have been feeling overwhelmed or confused by the amount of conflicting information available. I walk you through everything so that you go from being frustrated and scared to being empowered and confident. We'll review everything from how to tell if your child is ready to start to how to serve foods safely. As a bonus, you'll get some sample recipes to get you started!

Allergens Made Easy Course

A deep dive into introducing the top 9 allergens. This can be one of the most stressful things for a parent to deal with. I will review the current guidelines and help set you up with a game plan so that you feel ready to safely introduce allergens to your baby. You'll also get access to the starting solids course plus a meal plan that gradually introduces and incorporates the top 9 allergens.

Family Meals Made Easy Course

Taking the stress out of mealtime. Is mealtime a battle? Are you dealing with a picky eater? This course goes over how to create a positive meal environment while introducing new foods. It's perfect for parents who are already dealing with stressful meals or for those who would like to set up a strong foundation to prevent mealtime battles. You'll finish with many tips and tricks to keeping mealtime enjoyable for everyone, without having to be a short order cook. As a bonus, you'll get a copy of my Fruit and Veggie Exposure Checklist.

Feeding Babies Made Easy Course

Everything you need to know to feed your baby for the first 6 months. Whether you plan to breastfeed, give formula, or both this course will give you the info you need. Supported is best. Many parents don't receive the information they need before having their baby and are left stressed and worried trying to figure it out as they go. This course covers everything so that you can have a game plan, even if things don't go as expected. I review everything from latching, to pumping, to formula mixing, to bottle feeding.


Do you feel like you have things mostly under control but want some information to refer back to? E-books might be for you! I have taken the information from my courses and formatted them in easy to read e-books.

common questions

You can book an appointment with me online! You will be sent some basic paperwork so that I can better utilize our time together. You’ll then be given information on how to log onto my online coaching room. Then we meet like a facetime call or zoom, but the website I use protects your information.

Your first visit is about 45 minutes and any follow up visits are about 30 minutes. I try to respect your time as I know it can be difficult to schedule appointments with children.

Dietetic services may be covered by your insurance, check to see! I can provide you with a bill to take to your insurance so that they can reimburse you for services.

You can choose to pay for each session independently which will be a bit pricier or opt for a bundle to save money. All prices are listed above for transparency.

I think almost everyone could benefit from meeting with a nutritionist. You are setting up habits for your child that will last a lifetime. That being said, I realize it may not be in everyone’s budget, which is why I also offer courses and e-books to help.

Totally depends on how overwhelmed you feel with feeding! I recommend getting the 3 appointment bundle so that we can discuss things in more detail, but many people feel confident after 1 visit and that’s all they need!

Yep! With the exceptions of things I am mandated to report, everything you say stays between us. I use a HIPPA compliant service to make sure that your information stays confidential.

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