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Food Chaining

Gradually introduce new foods to your picky eater while minimizing mealtime battles.


  • Start with a food your child likes. For this example, I will be using fish shaped crackers. Figure out what it is that your child likes about the food. Is it the shape, color, texture, etc.
  • Find a food with a similar characteristic. If your child likes the texture and fish shape, try getting the different colored fish crackers. This may not seem like a big change to you, but it may be huge to your child. You can even mix in a couple of colored fish with plain ones.
  • Once your child is accepting of the first change, you can make an additional change. Maybe you can get another cheese cracker or maybe you can get a fish shaped cracker in a different flavor.
  • Continue making small changes over time and you will eventually be able to introduce completely new foods. If you hit a wall, you can always slow down or back track. Because this approach needs to be very individualized, it can be helpful to work with a specialist.