Fish Allergy in Babies

plate of fish with orange and other seasonings

Unlike some of the other top allergens, many people (up to 40%) with a fish allergy won’t develop a reaction until they are an adult. This doesn’t mean that fish allergy can’t happen in babies, but it’s important to keep it in the diet and watch for a reaction all throughout life.
Finned fish are different from shellfish. Being allergic to one doesn’t mean that you’ll be allergic to the other. In one study, salmon, tuna, catfish, and cod were the fish that seemed to cause the most reactions. Most people are told to avoid all types of finned fish if they are allergic to one type.

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Goat Milk Infant Formula: Is it right for your baby?

With the recent announcement that import formulas are here to stay, you may be wondering if you should choose a goat milk infant formula. Until recently, these formulas were not available in the US, so you were required to import them yourself. Formula advocates were recommending against using imported formulas previously, but now all of a sudden, there’s been an influx to the market and you may be wondering if goat milk is the right choice for your baby.

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Healthy Fats for Baby

healthy fats

During the first few years of life, your baby’s brain will grow tremendously. What many people don’t realize is that the brain is nearly 60% fat (1). This is why fat is one of the key nutrients I focus on when starting solids. Limiting fat in your baby’s diet is limiting their potential for brain growth! Now we know that not all fat is the same, so how do you choose the healthiest fats for your baby?

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Bell Pepper for Baby

stuffed bell pepper for baby with rice cheese and meat in a cast iron pan

Do I recommend bell pepper for baby? YES! Veggies in general can be a tricky texture for babies, so it’s best to start out by cooking them to make them a bit softer then gradually working up to raw vegetables.
Bell peppers have a mild taste which makes them more tolerable to many kids than some other veggies, but they still bring a lot of nutrition to the table. They come in a wide variety of colors (way beyond the green, yellow, red, and orange you may see at the store). This is great for variety and for food play options.

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Lactose Free Formula: When do you need it?

infant formula can and scoop with bottle and baby toys around it

One thing you may notice when looking at gentle formulas is that many of them have reduced lactose. Many adults are lactose intolerant, so if your baby is having poop problems, it would make sense to remove something that upsets the stomach of so many. Before you can decided if a lactose free formula is right for your family, you need to understand what lactose is and why it’s in formula in the first place.

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Formula Shortage Update: September 2023

international formula comparison chart - full details in post

If you are formula feeding your baby right now, odds are you are constantly searching for the newest formula update. There have been changes to processes, new formulas available, and a lot of finger pointing.
Chances are that if you are formula feeding, you also don’t have the time to research all the new updates as they come. It feels like there are new updates every few days! Here are some of the basics so that you can see if a new formula is the right fit for your family.

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Sesame Allergies

sesame seeds and sesame oil

Sesame is the ninth most common allergy in the US. It was recently added as a top allergen in 2021 and will be required to be on food labels starting in 2023.

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Air Fryer Artichoke Hearts

air fryer artichoke hearts

Artichokes make a fun food for kids, because not only are they a vegetable, but they’re an activity too! It can take some modeling and practice to figure out how to properly eat artichoke leaves, so artichoke hearts make a great substitute for a baby who is still learning. Artichokes are great by themselves, but can also be used in dips and spreads or as an addition to a pizza or pasta. These air fryer artichoke hearts are a great option for kids who aren’t ready to try the leaves by themselves.

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