Super Easy Air Fryer Cabbage

roasted cabbage with red pepper flakes on cutting board with butter knife

Cabbage is an easily accessible vegetable that is usually pretty fairly priced year-round. It also lasts quite a while once you’ve purchased it. This makes it a great option for many families. Its crunchy texture, however, can prove to be difficult for young babies.
It is a pretty versatile vegetable in that it can be eaten raw, pickled, fermented, steamed, stewed, roasted, sauteed, etc. Cabbage is closely related to broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi, and brussels sprouts. Because of its long shelf life, sailors would use it on long trips to help prevent scurvy, a vitamin C deficiency.

International Formula Comparison

Copy of comparison table of international formula imports

Due to the formula shortage, the FDA created an expedited approval pathway for international formulas. This means that we are now seeing some formulas from other countries on our shelves.
One major concern with the importation of international formula was that the mixing instructions can be different. Always check your can of formula for the correct mixing instructions. Many of the labels have mixing instructions in ml. For easy conversion, 1 ounce is about 30 ml. 2 ounces is about 60 ml.

Wheat Allergy

wheat containing foods like pasta and crackers

Wheat allergy ma affect up to 1% of children in the US. Up to two thirds of children with a wheat allergy may outgrow it by the time they are 12 years old.
It is different from celiac disease which is an autoimmune system that often affects the gastrointestinal tract.

Calcium for Kids

chalkboard with " ca calcium" surrounded by calcium containing foods

When we think of calcium, we often think of bones which is why it is such a crucial nutrient for kids. Calcium is also used in other processes throughout the body and is actually the most abundant mineral in our bodies. Even if your child doesn’t like milk, they can still get all the calcium they need from other sources.

Air Fryer Apples for Baby

baked apples sliced in a ring

Apples are one of the top choking hazards for kids, but they are also one of the easiest fruits to find year round. So how can we modify them to make them appropriate for babies? There are a few options, but one of my fall favorites is to bake them. This recipe is designed for babies, but the whole family will love to snack on them.

Chia Pudding for Constipation

chia pudding with kiwi and chia seeds in background

Whether you’re just introducing solids or you have a preschooler who may not eat enough foods with fiber, constipation is a common concern for kids. While many parents know that increasing fiber and fluids can help, it can be tricky if your child doesn’t want to eat these foods. This is why I love using chia pudding for constipation.
It’s very easy to customize which makes it perfect for picky eaters. You can add or omit foods depending on what your child may be willing to try. You can also add or remove sweeteners depending on the age of your child, making it perfect for younger kids too.

Milk Allergy

a hand up rejecting a cup of milk

Milk allergy is the most common allergy in infants and young children, affecting around 2.5% of children under the age of 3. There are actually 2 categories of milk allergies: IgE mediated and non-IgE mediated. We often see non-IgE mediated milk allergy in young infants and many will outgrow it by their first birthday. This article, however, will be focusing on IgE mediated milk allergy.

When a person with milk allergy is exposed to the proteins in milk, the proteins bind to IgE antibodies that trigger the immune system, causing a reaction. Up to 70% of children with this allergy can tolerate milk baked into foods. Once the milk has been heated, it changes the structure of the protein enough so that the body doesn’t respond to it. Tolerating baked milk while young is a good sign that a child may outgrow their milk allergy. Up to 75% of children will outgrow their milk allergy.

Vitamin C for Kids

fruits and vegetables surrounding the word vitamin C

While most people think of vitamin C as a supplement for when you get sick or something you get from orange juice, when we talk about it for kids, the focus is almost always on its ability to aid with iron absorption. Iron is a critical nutrient for young kids and vitamin C can help our bodies absorb more, especially from plant foods.
Many animals are able to make their own vitamin C, but humans are reliant on foods or supplements to get it. Labels list it as ascorbic acid which is the version commonly used in supplements and as a preservative.

Best Formula for Milk Protein Allergy

formula scoop in a pile of formula

Figuring out which formula to choose can be extremely stressful (ignoring the shortage at hand), but choosing a formula for a baby with a milk protein allergy is even more complicated. Balancing out which formula will be best for your baby while also keeping in mind the rising costs of formula as they get more specialized is challenging, to say the least.

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