Best Formula for Milk Protein Allergy

formula scoop in a pile of formula

Figuring out which formula to choose can be extremely stressful (ignoring the shortage at hand), but choosing a formula for a baby with a milk protein allergy is even more complicated. Balancing out which formula will be best for your baby while also keeping in mind the rising costs of formula as they get more specialized is challenging, to say the least.

Baby Refusing Their Bottle? 11 Tips to Help

baby refusing bottle and crying

You feel like you’re so ready for a night away, but your baby is refusing their bottle. How can you leave them for any stretch of time if they can’t eat? Are you stuck waiting for them to wean before you get some time alone?
No! There are so many things you can try.

Shellfish Allergy


Shellfish allergies are the most common food allergies in adults and a common allergy in children as well (1). It is incredibly rare for someone to outgrow a shellfish allergy. The most common shellfish allergy is an allergy to shrimp. Similar to fish, many people (about 60%) will not experience their first reaction until they are adults.

Vitamin D for Kids

vitamin D sign surrounded by foods that contain vitamin D

Whether we’re talking about infant feeding, introducing solids, or picky eating, vitamin D is an important part of the conversation. Vitamin D is a vitamin that we can technically make ourselves, but most of us do not make enough. There are also no that many good food sources of vitamin D, meaning that many people need to supplement.

Best High Chair for BLW: 2022

baby sitting in high chair eating with dad who is feeding

Creating a registry for your baby can be both fun and extremely overwhelming. There are a million different products targeting new parents and it can be really difficult to figure out what’s actually important (and what’s just trying to make a buck). Picking out a high chair for BLW or purees can be challenging with so many options on the market. A high chair is actually one of only a handful of feeding tools I recommend investing in (if it makes sense for you financially).
Now, if you already have a high chair for whatever reason, it’s probably fine to use it, but if you’re shopping around for the best one on the market, this post will help you figure out what you need.

Simple Teriyaki Eggplant Stir Fry

eggplant and bell pepper stir fry with sesame seeds in a brown bowl

Eggplant, also known as aubergine, anara, or brinjal that is grown worldwide for its edible fruit. We generally think of the beautiful purple color, but it can also be white and egg shaped (hence the name). It can be used in many different styles of cooking due to its ability to absorb oils and flavors into its flesh through cooking.

9 Food Allergy Back to School Tips

kid with food allergy going to school

As summer ends and school heads back into session, you may be concerned about what to do if your child has a food allergy. While all schools handle food allergies slightly differently, there are some common themes. It’s important to have a plan in place and make sure that everyone is on board, including your child.

Zinc Foods for Baby

zinc written on chalkboard with zinc containing foods surrounding it

One of the critical nutrients all babies need is zinc. Luckily, many of the foods that contain zinc, also contain iron, so if you focus on iron-containing foods, your baby should get all the zinc that they need.

Blueberry Yogurt Popsicles

blueberry yogurt popsicles frozen over ice with blueberries in the background

Blueberries are very versatile and can be used in a variety of recipes from jellies and jams to snack foods to desserts (or in blueberry yogurt popsicles like I’m showing here!). You can usually find them in the grocery store year-round, but they are in season from May to August.

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